Servants of the Holy Trinity Conference

Holy Eucharist Ukranian Catholic Church

515 Broadview Avenue


May 2nd through May 4th, 2008 Retreat with David Murray, including the launching of his new book of the Writings of Maria Valtorta "Mary, Mother of the Redeemer and the Church - Her life, Sufferings and Mission."

Note: The PA acoustics in the large auditorium produced an echo, that made obtaining a clear recording difficult.


001 Bishop Roman Intro.mp3 Bonus Material
002 David Murray.mp3 Talk given to Third Order Carmelites by Father Kevin Robinson
  Saint Anthony of Padua Church
003 David Murray.mp3 103 Gould Avenue, North Caldwell, N.J. 07006
  (973) 228-1230
004 Father Bill Laurden.mp3  
  008 Father Kevin Robinson
005 Tim Fromann  
006 Mary Angela Nangini  
007 Steve Jost.mp3  
Lunch Break Lunch Break Steve Jost, Mike McBride, David Murray & Tim Fromann
David Murray Dinner Mike McBride, Bishop Roman Danylak, David Murray, Steve Jost & Tim Fromann


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