Mary Angela Nangini


    Mary Angela Nangini was one of the finalists in the Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize 2001 with her manuscript  The Beholden. She is the author of Woman in Exile (1991) and My Ontario Beautiful (1995), published by Mellen Poetry Press. She is the co-author of the play/musical With a Bang or a Whimper among other scripts. Based on the life of Samantha Smith, a child ambassador for World Peace, "With a Bang or a Whimper", was performed with a cast of 22 children, at a "Gifted Globe" Conference at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, August 10, 1993, during the 10th World Congress on Gifted and Talented Education. Also at this "Gifted Globe" conference, and on August 12, 1993, she presented her original theory on Human Potential and Its Shadow now called, The Four Phases of Being.

    As a Teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board for over 25 years, Mary Angela has choreographed dances and written plays for children as extra-curricular contributions in the various schools and in the last four years she has brought her experience and expertise to St. Mary's Church, Brampton. As requested by the Liturgical Committee, she has provided scripts, choreographed interpretive movement, prepared choral readers and Gospel dramatizations all in collaboration with musical artists, choirs, and a multitude of volunteers -children, youths and adults of all ages. Liturgical celebrations include Thanksgiving, Pentecost, Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day, Advent, Resurrection Sunday, and two major evening productions for the Parish, The Nativity and The Way of the Cross.

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