David Murray

Maria Valtorta Reader's Group in Australia


David Murray looking into Maria’s bedroom in her home at Viareggio, Italy.

My Journey with Jesus Through the Writings of Maria Valtorta

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     David Murray is the founder of the Maria Valtorta Reader's Group in Australia.  David and his good friend Dale have made many voice recordings of Maria's writings.  Their latest addition is the monumental project: "The Sunday Gospels".  This is a 4-CD set containing 56 hours of the Liturgical Sunday Gospels in an Mp3 format.  It's a wonderful representation of Maria Valtorta's writings.  Dale begins each track with the Sunday Gospel reading, then David reads the corresponding writing by Maria Valtorta.  David has a peaceful, relaxing voice with excellent inflection, from which the listener never tires.  Please enjoy the free sample below.



C006 The Adoration of the Wise Men.mp3

Mary, Mother of the Redeemer and the Church - Her Life, Sufferings and Mission

     This highly recommended book contains a comprehensive selection of passages from all of Maria Valtorta’s published works: with revealing details of Mary’s life and the sufferings She endured, anticipating and watching Jesus being brutally crucified, and describing Mary’s role in salvation history as Mother of Humanity, and Co-Redemptrix.

     Now converted to an Audio-Book: "Why is Mary Crying?" on a single CD (Mp3 Format - not a standard CD)

32 Tracks, each 20 - 25 minutes (12 hrs total listening)