Study of The Spiritual Canticle of St. John of The Cross


Canticle_001A.mp3 Canticle_001B.mp3
Life, Times and Writings of St. John of the Cross / Stanza #1
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Growth in Love Through Prayer, Works and Virtues, Love for the Lord Wounds The Soul / Stanza 2 - 9
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Lovesick Sould Seeks God Everywhere. Lord Brings Soul Into Spiritual Espousal / Stanza 10 - 15
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Bride-Soul Enjoys Great Blessings, Intimate Union; Yet is Tried by the devil and Senses / Stanza 16 -19
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State of Spiritual Marrieage - A Total Transformation in the Beloved - Stanza 20 -23
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Transformed Person has Perfect Love and Perfect Spiritual Peace, in Constant Love - Stanza 24 -29
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God's Love for the Soul Constantly Increases in Glorious Interchanges of Love - Stanza 30 -36
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The Transformed Soul Now Asks for the Gift of Loving God as Perfectly as he Loves Her - Stanza 37 - 40