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Below are downloadable Mp3 audio files of conferences by Father Vernard Poslusney on the greatest Poem of all, "The Poem of the Man-God" (The Gospel as it was Revealed to Me), by Maria Valtorta

Posted in Chapter order


00-000 000-000 Basic Introduction.mp3  
01-001 007-007 Introduction.mp3  
01-002 008-011 Joachim & Anne.mp3  
01-003 011-015 Praying in the Temple.mp3  
01-004 016-020 Anne Announces.mp3  
01-005 020-033 Birth of Mary  
01-006 033-037 Purification.mp3  
01-007 037-042 Wisdom.mp3  
01-012 061-066 Joseph Appointed.mp3  
01-013 066-072 Wedding  

Computer Generated Text-To-Speech of the Poem for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Saint Joseph Novena


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Free Sample: The Adoration of the Wise Men. Mp3

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